Are you thinking about using WordPress website design? WordPress is a software that is SEO friendly and is used to power over 32% of websites on the internet. That means WordPress generates nearly 1 in 3 websites you visit. In this article we discuss why this is the case.

Here are the Top 5 Advantages Of Using WordPress Website Design 

1. You Have Full Control Of Your Website 

Unlike other content management systems WordPress gives you full control of your website. No one can come along and shut your website down because they decide it goes against their terms of service (unless of course you’re doing something illegal). With WordPress you are the owner of your website – no one else.

2. The Freedom To Make Any Type Of WordPress Website Design 

Although WordPress is most commonly used to create blogs, business websites and eCommerce stores it doesn’t stop there. Use WordPress to create portfolios, resumes, forums, membership sites and much more. The possibilities are endless.

3. It’s Flexible

Not only are the type of websites WordPress can power are limitless, you can add plugins so that the website can grow as the business grows. In other words when things change, WordPress doesn’t limit you to one specific set of functions. These plugins or apps are free, paid for or custom made.

Furthermore, free or premium WordPress themes are used to customize your website. This also includes modifying previous designs and creating custom designs as well. 

On top of that it’s possible to use WordPress to create membership sites and online stores. You can utilize this to generate revenue.

4. Make Money – And Keep It

Creating a membership site allows you to sell products or services online such as memberships for premium content or courses. Also, you can use WordPress to sell digital or physical products, ship the products and accept payment via credit cards all directly from the website.

Finally with WordPress you can run ads without distributing the revenue to anyone else.

5. It’s Free

With all of the benefits of using WordPress website design the logical conclusion is it costs a hefty price, right? Nope.

While there is a fee for hosting (about $3-$10/month), WordPress itself is an open source software and is free to download. The cost of hosting only goes up when web traffic goes up, but by then you are generating enough revenue to cover the costs.

Is WordPress Website Design For You?

Microsoft, The Rolling Stones, and even The Whitehouse all use WordPress. It’s safe to say that WordPress is a top choice for many. 

Will it be the top choice for you? The decision is yours. As WordPress experts, we are happy to help you with all your WordPress needs. Get in touch with us today.