When it comes to web application development, trying to figure out which platform to use can be pretty confusing. Should you use a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress or a PHP framework such as Laravel?

In this article we discuss the advantages of using Laravel versus WordPress for web application development. We also explore when each solution would be appropriate.

Advantages Of Using Laravel 

Laravel is a PHP framework. A PHP framework is used for basic web application development. In other words, Laravel is an open source PHP framework which makes the process of developing web apps much faster and easier. Why? The framework puts a stop to producing repetitive code. This means you don’t have to deal with as much coding. It saves you a lot of time. It also allows you to build applications quickly.

Advantages Of Uses WordPress 

WordPress is most commonly known for website design. Simply put it’s by far the most popular way to create a website, blog or eCommerce store. It’s a system for managing content. WordPress is a CMS. Laravel is not.

Should You Use WordPress or Laravel For Web Application Development?

In the end the short answer is it depends. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to build the next big, mind blowing platform, then use Laravel. Laravel is more appropriate for custom work when it comes to web application development.

WordPress is SEO friendly, flexible, secure and has a pretty quick development cycle. Therefore if you’re looking to build a sports blog or to build an eCommerce store where you can sell your products or services, WordPress is a more appropriate choice. As a CMS it’s meant for plug and play purposes.

In Summary

The key thing to remember is that Laravel is a framework. It’s used for web application development which includes CMS platforms. WordPress on the other hand is a CMS that is built on top of a framework. In other words WordPress comes with basic functionalities, whereas Laravel is used to develop these functionalities.

Does your project fall under the category of blog, newspaper, portfolio, or courses? It doesn’t make sense to re create the framework when you have the option of using an existing one for content management. Therefore WordPress is the top choice. 

If your project falls under the category of developing the next FaceBook or Instagram, then Laravel is the top choice. Custom framework based code is much better if your project is full of user based actions. This includes registration, voting, payment history and matching profiles.

In the end, both technologies are powerful. It just depends on what you’re looking for. If you need help with applications in WordPress or Laravel, contact us today.