Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing. — Warren Buffett

How can you truly run a successful business if you don’t understand all aspects of it? Business is about more than making deals, delivering results, or investing in ideas. It’s about knowing what you’re doing. This is the fundamental insight that, when missing, causes so many websites and applications to fail. If you don’t understand how your website works, and you choose to remain ignorant, then how can you possibly have success with it?

At Primitiv Media we pride ourselves on web development work that does more than get the job done. We make certain that our clients understand the development process from start to finish, and that our ongoing support shines light on the issues that pertain to the success of the online application. We fill in the gaps in our clients’ knowledge to limit their risk and help them succeed.

We want to end the trend of keeping clients in the dark about the technology that’s essential to marketing and powering their businesses. We see each client as a partner for whom we fill a critical role of not only helping them, but also educating and guiding them through the world of web technologies. It can be a confusing world to navigate, and too often we come across clients who are using a technology without knowing why they’re paying for it or what it does.

In our opinion, that’s unacceptable. We view ourselves as partners in our clients’ business endeavours, and believe that their success is ours. What else is our role in your business if not to help you manage the risks it takes and understand the inner workings of the technology it relies on? We refuse to abandon clients and obscure the technology that we’re using to help them. When we start a project we operate with full transparency and treat our client as a teammate.

We use technology that is transparent, user-friendly, and widely accessible. For example, we use WordPress as a CMS because anyone can work with it, and with a little bit of effort become an expert. If you need to use your website for a new marketing initiative, you will find no shortage of people who are willing and able to work with WordPress, and that will remain true for the foreseeable future. You can host your website wherever you want, and have full control over it. By choosing technology that empowers users, we limit your risk and set you on the right course for success.

These principles of education and empowerment govern every decision we make as a business. We choose and seek out business relationships that cultivate growth and understanding. Our commitment to open source principles is behind these successful business relationships, and at the core of our company values. Our aim is to build a strong network of these empowering relationships, so that our clients everywhere can rest easy that the amount of risk they are managing is well within their control.